Learning to Love Yourself, Could Be The Hardest Thing You Ever Learn How To Do

Lately, I’ve found myself in a whirlwind of lost and confusion. Not in a depressing way, but somewhere between my life is lit and why am I not blissfully and completely happy? A lot of it has to do with the amount of weight I’ve gained in the last year and a half. I mean when you can’t fit into that $149 Ralph Lauren dress you got on sale for $38, that shit will do something to your soul! More importantly, I’m not afraid to admit these days, that I just plain out don’t feel attractive. Some would think, well damn Crissy, do something about it, but it definitely is an area of weakness.

Am I allowed to be weak?

As women, we have this perspicacity that we’re not allowed to be insecure or saddened by our situational circumstances. You know, because we have to be strong women warriors. Ready made wonder women, ready to take on Jax from Mortal Combat. Want to know what happened to Wonder Woman? She got pummeled into the ground, because she just couldn’t allow herself to be weak for one moment…on some straight superzero shit.



Anyway, the weight loss thing has been a challenge and overall I just am not happy with my health and body.  However, I have been telling myself,


“Rome wasn’t built in a day, but they were laying bricks every hour so it’s best to keep moving, even if you are moving slow”.


I’ve started taking some minor steps towards getting back on track. Like intermittent fasting. Here’s a basic chart I’ve been following combined with a low calorie meal plan (I replaced the shakeology with herbalife shakes).




Just to clarify, I am doing a mixture of fasting and low calorie meals. For example, I’ll completely fast for about 2 weeks, then go back to shakes in the morning for 7 days on a 5 day meal plan. So far, I’ve lost about 8lbs but not enough to really put a dent…but, Rome wasn’t built…shit, you know the rest.

When all fails, even in those weak moments, I think it’s best to remember that you are not only your own problem, but you are your own solution.


…but in the meantime Queen, just



I’m definitely open for suggestions, so feel free to drop them!

Thanks for reading


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