Sometimes It’s the Right Person, but the Wrong Time.

Have you ever met someone and it seems like you’re ready to find romance but you can’t quite make it to the same page? No really, you’ve spent a vast amount of time and stakes tapping into your inner strengths, laundering your flaws, and reclaiming your time. Then you meet someone who summons your energy in an attempt to explore you, and you find yourself wondering why your efforts aren’t aligned?

That usually happens when two souls are on the opposite end of the cosmic connection and having trouble making it to each other.

In these instances, sometimes it’s the right person, but the wrong time.

So what do you do? You find yourself squandering to search for answers when you’ve come to a dilemma. See, you probably like this person, and could even see a future, but you’re just not getting what you need even if you are giving more in return. It doesn’t always mean the person isn’t into you, but perhaps the cards are just not aligned at this particular juncture to move forward.

However, the commodius mistake we sometimes make is, “holding out” and passing time in hopes that things will improve and the connection will ignite. What is really happening when you do this?

  1. You’re tearing down all of the internal work you’ve done.
  2. Your emotional needs for attentiveness are not being tended to.
  3. You’re putting more stress on both sides because of what you’re not receiving.
  4. You’re investing emotionally into a “non-releationship”

You’ve got to learn how to walk away even if you want to know the outcome. What does that mean exactly? It means choosing you even if it does feel like you’re close to finding a partner. Choosing you even if the end result does seem favorable. Choosing you, even if you don’t want to walk away out of fear of never making it to the conclusion with this person. You’ve got to choose yourself in all circumstances.

Just because a person isn’t giving you everything you need at this moment to feed your energy, doesn’t mean you won’t connect in the future. It could simply mean that this person isn’t in a position to invest the time and energy to be on your frequency. Sometimes it’s the focus. Perhaps they’re focusing on their career, perhaps focusing on getting over a past situation, or maybe even just focusing on finding themselves. It doesn’t mean you won’t re-connect, but you’ve got to be happy. You can’t put your happiness and peace at risk for a “maybe”. Besides, when you’re not happy all it will do is put stress on the both of you and your “non-relationship”.

You’ve got to ask yourself, what’s the point of investing into something that has no return on investment? You wouldn’t go to work every single day and clock in 40 hours without a paycheck at the end of the pay period would you? Even if you liked the job, would you put in the hours with no check? Most likely, no.

If you leave a good impression, the work ethic will live on. For example, what if this same job you left, but really liked called you back later and said, “we’re able to offer you a salary now”. Would you consider going back? Perhaps you would. Perhaps you’ve found a new job, or perhaps you’ve just changed industries completely.

What I’m saying is, if you’re dope, you’re dope and the impact you’ve left on someone’s life will never dull.

You have to ensure you’re getting back what you’re putting in. You deserve all of the same work you’ve infused, period. Not a quarter, not half, but equal amount of investment. Remember, people make time for the things they want to make time for. If time and positive energy isn’t being reciprocated then it just means their focus is somewhere more important to them at the moment, don’t take it personal…instead get more personal with yourself.

…hey black girl or boy, it’s okay to unapologetically choose yourself.

If you’re not receiving what you need to be happy but there is some type of mutual connection…just remember, parallel roads sometimes cross each other along the journey.

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